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"You have such cute little dude stuff. So excited for our lil guy to be all decked out in his dude gear. My first child is a little girl and there (as we all know) is no shortage of girl clothing. When we found out our second was a boy I was immediately on the hunt for cool boy clothes that wasn't the Gap!"Heather, TX
"My boys and I love the clothing you carry! Lots of stores carry racks and racks of darling girl clothes but leave the boys with nothing...So I was delighted to find your site! We are so happy with everything and the quality is awesome... Keep doing what you're doing and we will definitely keep buying!"Melissa, NC
"You are doing fabulous with your customer service and you will do well with your business if this is how fast and attentive you are with your customers. I love that you are catering to little dudes and making it convenient for moms to have a one-stop-shop for a lot of awesome brands you are selling because, I agree, it is such a missing market. So, kudos to you for starting this trend."Janice, CA
"I love shopping your website, you have the best boys clothing! Every time my son wears a piece purchased from you I get so many compliments. Everyone in my town says my kids are the best dressed and I can attribute that to you! Always will be a loyal customer. It will be a sad day when my kids outgrow your website."Maggie, CT
"Thank you, I can't wait to shop again there are so many cool items on ur site!!! Thank you for bringing unique style to our boys!!!"Giselle, NY
"Congratulations on your 10th year! I have been shopping on your site since then. My sons are now in size 12-14 - I remember buying infant clothing from you! If you keep finding the larger sizes we will keep buying!"Janet, NY
"Thank you so much! I have been shopping from Little Dudes Only for probably 8 years!!! You guys ROCK!!"Erin, FL
"Got our package today! Thanks again and the ducks are so cool! I have so many gifts to buy this year so I'll be shopping with you again soon. I've sent a bunch of people your site info too!"Cassie, CA
"I'll be sure to order something else from your site in the near future! You have tons of cute stuff."Jin, ME
"You guys have the best selection ever, I adore your site!"Katie, VA
"I LOVE your shop. So glad I found it! You carry brands I adore."Dana, IL
"I had your website bookmarked when my boys were younger and your selection was much smaller. Wow! Have you grown! I am SO glad I discovered you again! You have all my favorite boy brands all in one place! I will definitely be making more purchases in the future."Shelby, TX
"The customer service I've received from you has been A-mazing!!! I will definitely continue to shop with Little Dudes Only and I'll be telling my friends about your site too."Kathy, OH
"Congrats on such a great online shop. I've already shared your site with friends. We all agree: great selections, easy to navigate, love it. I'm thrilled with my purchases and plan on returning to your shop often!"Shareen, MO
"Little Dudes Only is awesome. Your customer service sets the bar. I will continue to order from you!"Fiona, CA
"Thank you for all that you do - I love your personal touches and the clothes are the coolest. My kids rock Little Dudes at daycare and now passing down our rad shirts from you from our oldest to our youngest & they're still going strong!"Kirsten, CA
"I just received my order and I couldnít be more impressed with the clothing. Iím sure we will be ordering from you again. Thank you for your prompt service!"Suzanne, ME
"Our new shirts arrived today and the kids love them. I am so glad I found your website - adding you to my favorites bar!"Meagan, NY
"I am so happy to have come across your website. I am a mom and a small business owner myself. When I received your package I loved the way it was presented and all of the cool extras in it. Thank you!"Amanda, CA
"I absolutely LOVE your website. There is so much available for little girls and not as much for boys...as a mother of 2 boys, I fell in love with the fact that your store is geared towards little dudes only! Genius!!"Avi, CA
"Hands down the best selection of unique and cool clothes! I have been dressing all of my kids in these brands since they were babies. Thankfully, my daughter has a cool and "not so girly/mixed with girly" style, so she can and does wear a lot of these tees, pants, etc. LOVE and "addicted" to this site."Amy, TX
"I was so excited to find Little Dudes Only! My 10 year old freaked out over the cool selections on the site. Heís a music buff and was so excited to find things in his size for his favorite bands. Weíll certainly be ordering more in the future. The ordering process was easy, the shipping was super-fast, and my boys were excited about the Hot Wheels in the package. Iíve recommended the site to several other friends with boys already!"Jennifer, TX
"I love everything and am so happy to have discovered your site! You have amazing customer service!"Lara, NY
"Thank you so much! We love your store and always find the cutest clothes here. I really appreciate your amazing customer service too!"Carrie, CA
"It is your attention to detail that keeps me returning as a customer. Thank you for the awesome clothing and great service."Cecilia, NY
"I've been buying LDO outfits for years, the quality of the brands they carry and the costumer service it's the best. Kari not only curates the coolest clothes for little dudes but has the best attitude towards all her clients. NOBODY beats LDO, NOBODY!!!"Ana, NY
"Love Appaman and was so happy to come across your site. Totally my street chic style for my son. Wanted to let you know how nice it was to get a personal note and email from you with my order. Happy to support other moms and their businesses. Will spread the good word about Little Dudes Only!"Michelle, NJ
"We loved everything and so happy that we found your website. We live in a small town so it's fun to have some cool hip clothes delivered to our door and not have everyone else wearing the same thing! Loved the extra touch of pencils tucked in the pocket, tattoos and stickers! Can't wait to shop again!"Mindy, AL
"I LOVE your website for my son! I think your stuff is so cute and I look forward to finding more items to order. Your shipping was very fast and I loved how carefully the item was wrapped and included a free little ducky. Nice touch!"Kamber, CA
"Wish all retailers had follow up like you! I will definitely be back for more gifts. Great experience with your website. I will rate you highly if there is somewhere to do so."Colleen, Canada
"I can't thank you enough. Little Dudes Only is great!! Love the packaging too. Rubber duck and stickers!! You know how to run a business! I'll pass along your website to all of my mom friends with little dudes."Heather, CA
"Love it all - we will be back lots! Thank you so much for everything. You truly have been so easy to communicate with!"Macy, NJ
"The way you do business is awesome. Your customer service and all the little touches are great. The rubber ducks, tattoos and packaging...and your personal handwritten notes and emails. I own my own business and I know you will be successful."Stacha, WA
"Is it possible to be 1,000% satisfied? I am! Love your site and your style."Jamie, CA
"My son always looks so original is his new duds from Little Dudes Only! Friends always ask where I get such cute boys clothing! Love, love it!"Chrissy, FL

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